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Wireless Consumers On The Role of Government in Mobile Innovation

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A new nationwide survey finds wireless consumers deeply skeptical of an expanding regulatory role for government in the wireless sector.

  • 90% of Consumers Believe Today’s Level of Regulation or Less Would Help Spur More Innovation.
  • 72% of Consumers, 79% of Millennials and >88% of Heavier Data Users Are Open to New Business Models and See Consumer Benefits.
  • 88% of Consumers Believe the Government Should Not Block—or Be Involved at All—In Approving New Wireless Business Models.
  • Only 10% of Consumers Say Their Wired and Wireless Habits Are Similar—Demonstrating Awareness of Mobile Network Differences.
  • Consumers Are Twice as Likely to Use Smartphones, But Basic Phone Use Remains Significant.

The survey, conducted for Mobile Future by Social Lens Research, reflects the views of a representative sample of 865 U.S. mobile consumers who were polled via the GfK Knowledge Panel over the weekend of October 17, 2014.  The Knowledge Panel is the only online probability-based panel.  The margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points.