Bytes: Retail Smarts

January 26, 2017

If you’re a smart shopper, you’ve probably got your coupon strategies perfected. But let’s talk about coupon strategies for the smart tech shopper.

Carnival Cruises recently came up with a cool new way to give passengers a much more personalized and enjoyable experience by embracing wearable technology. Here’s the rundown: First, the cruise line gives passengers a wrist wearable called the Ocean Medallion. Through it, you can unlock your door, find your way on the ocean liner, order food and beverages, make reservations and set experience preferences to maximize those personal touches. . The cruise line’s hope is the smart tech medallion will create a truly unique and exciting guest experience. Carnival Cruises joins a wide array of other consumer companies that are incorporating smart technologies into their services.

Adidas and Gap are incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) to let your test and customize products in near-real detail. Adidas recently put an AR device in its Paris store. By placing a white shoe in the device, the AR system projects whatever color combination you choose in real-time. Meanwhile, Gap and Asus created an AR app that lets you try clothes in a variety of sizes on a digital mannequin.

Whether it’s testing out items before you buy them, or making your travel more enjoyable, mobile technology is making your consumer experiences a lot more, well… smart.

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