Mobile Future

Savitz’ Savvy

Eric Savitz writes the Technology Week column for Barron’s and his business perspective on technology’s changes is always refreshing.  Case in point, his predictions for the Consumer Electronics Show, which begins January 7th:

[M]obile devices should be the big story. New phones are likely to be unveiled by Palm, Motorola and others. There will be a host of new e-book readers; keep your eye on the QUE from start-up Plastic Logic. The netbook surge rolls on, aided by variants known as smartbooks — generally Linux-based, with non-Intel processors, and offering handy features like instant on. Even now-mundane devices like cameras and camcorders will offer wireless connectivity. Also expect a host of new tablet-based PCs, taking advantage of special features in still-nascent Windows 7.

Incidentally, we’re offering Savitz’ insights solely for their own merits and not to help convince our bosses to approve our last-minute CES travel request.