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Scoble says SMS & Location were key at SXSWi

Robert Scoble recently blogged about his take-aways from SXSW 2009.  South by Southwest Interactive is a yearly "festival" for tech enthusiasts and bloggers to network, share best practices, and discuss what is hot in the interactive sector.  In Scoble’s opinion, it was all about SMS and location this year.

Some folks are probably wondering why I’m covering this news or what’s the big deal about these perspectives from Austin.  Well, two years ago, a little micro-blogging service called Twitter essentially took off after the festival.  I was covering a telecom conference shortly after SXSW and all the buzz was about Twitter.  Accordingly, I joined the service back then.  Fast forward to today and almost everyone’s on it and it is the social network with the most impressive acceleration in growth.

With that in mind, I see huge growth opportunities in the mobile space as we move from navigation to awareness.  In some cases, some mobile applications are incorporating location into their products.  For instance, when I live stream with Qik, I have the immediate option to opt-in my location for other Qik users to know where I am and Google maps has now synced in Latitute.  Scoble mentioned Foursquare being the hot product at SXSW but I haven’t had the opportunity to demo it.  Specifically, Foursquare is an application "that helps you keep up with your friends, but exposes you to new things and challenges you to explore cities in different ways."  

In any case, I look forward to exploring more apps and products in this space.  I believe that Scoble’s insights from Austin are on the mark and this sector is going to get really hot.