Mobile Future

Like the Paint? Try ColorSnap app!

I had the opportunity to attend Digiday Mobile last week in New York and check out the latest in the mobile marketing space.  There’s no question that this is a hot and growing sector.  With 127 million mobile users subscribing to the mobile web, it’s clear that mobile outreach should be a part of every great marketing program.

With that in mind, one of the most creative apps that I saw was one developed for Sherwin-Williams by the folks at AdMob.  Here’s how it works: say you really like the paint color you see at a local restaurant, office, or museum and want to consider using it in your own home.  Simply use your iPhone to take a picture of the color, and the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap application will give you the code for the paint that you liked (and provide some similar color options).  But it doesn’t stop there.  If you enter your zip code, the app shows you the nearest stores where you can purchase your paint of choice!

This application has been a great success for Sherwin-Williams.  According to data provided by AdMob, the campaign ran for two days and received 11.9 million impressions and 129,000 clicks, accounting for a 1.08 click-through rate.  The application’s daily downloads went from Number 70 to Number 18 in the App Store during the campaign.

Mobile marketing, when done well, can bring the right mix of satisfying the consumer and helping the organization that put the time, energy, and creativity into the effort.