Mobile Future

Shopping For Big Ticket Items On A Smartphone

Would you buy a new pair of shoes through your phone? What about a new FitBit? Ok, now what about a house?

A new survey finds that about one third of consumers would consider buying a house or a car directly from their smartphones! The Roadster study illustrates that consumers are increasingly considering using mobile devices for purchases other than just daily items. Also interesting- the survey found that for those who answered yes, geographic location was not a factor. Thanks to wireless connectivity, people all over the nation and in rural communities now feel more open to purchasing a new car or apartment through their mobile device.

The future of mobile is truly bright. Consumers already rely on their smartphones to purchase everything from groceries to clothes. With our constant reliance on wireless connectivity, it is clear that consumers are open to new ways of shopping for some of the most important purchases of our lives. With auto companies always looking to reinvent ways to market and attract consumers, it won’t be long until they figure out ways to issue significant savings for those that are willing to purchase a car on their smartphone!

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