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Sí, Se Puede! With Mobile Tech

The world of technology is a great opportunity for minority communities to embrace  mobile as a tool for  economic empowerment And the  Hispanic community in the United States appears to be  taking full advantage of the financial opportunities presented by mobile technology. A recent report from Bank of America identified Hispanics as “Trailblazers in Tech” for the community’s mobile-first mindset and early adoption of financial technology. The  survey  finds that 78% of Hispanic consumers use a mobile banking app,  27% more than non-Hispanics, and 69% use digital as their primary banking method. These statistics confirm what we already know about Hispanic mobile usage—they are truly trailblazers when it comes to mobile tech.  Mobile Future’s  own study illustrates that Hispanic-owned businesses r also are embracing mobile technology, with  62% reporting  business growth of at least 5% after integrating mobile technology. In fact,  one in five businesses reported  growth over 20%.

Sí, se puede with mobile tech!

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