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Simon Says: Get Moving With Wearables

Experts say kids should get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. And the newest motivators to  getting kids up and moving are cool wearables that incentivize to energize!

Fitness tracker company Garmin recently released a band called Vivofit, Jr. Unlike other fitness wearables that more often than not target adults, this one is just for kids! It gives the user a daily activity goal and then rewards them with coins and games. Parents can choose  rewards at the end of the day from an extra 30 minutes of screen time to having a friend spent the night. . Other wearables are also working on getting kids up and moving such as the Moff Band and UNICEF’s Kid Power. Moff Band is a wrist strap that turns arms into controllers for games they can play with friends and UNICEF’s Kid Power band turns daily steps into points that unlock funding to buy food for malnourished kids around the globe. Not only is mobile tech developing cool, new ways for kids to have fun, but also to stay active and make a difference. That’s awesome!

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