Mobile Future

Sleeping with Ease, Thanks To Mobile

Did you know? roughly 70 million adult Americans have some form of insomnia and about one in three adults in the United States get less than the recommended amount of sleep? Are YOU sleep challenged?  But don’t worry, mobile technology is here to help you get a good night’s rest.

Recently, a sleep study expert and a healthcare professional collaborated to create a mobile app called Sleepio that tracks your daily habits and how those habits affect your sleep. What makes Sleepio unique is the personalized program it designs to help you sleep better.  What is great is that an app like this makes it so insomnia management is easy to access and familiar to use. Also, wristband wearables such as Jawbone and Fitbit are increasingly incorporating sleep trackers into their features, as are newer models of smartphones like the Galaxy and iPhone. Imagine that, mobile technology is actually helping us figure out how to sleep better!

And these innovations really are working for people. For example, with the Sleepio app, users saw a 68% recovery rate from tough insomnia symptoms like anxiety and depression. Whether you download an app or use your wearable, there are so many options that mobile tech offers so that sleep management is available right at your fingertips.

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