Mobile Future

slydial - the “illusion of communication”

Have you ever wanted to call someone back but you really just want to leave that person a voicemail?

With the help of slydial, your mobile (or landline) phone now enables you to avoid all human interaction.  The crafty company assists its customers by allowing them to directly dial another user’s mobile voicemail. A falsely missed call and new voicemail create the "illusion of communication" where the user gets credit for a call that was never made to be answered.

There are many uses for slydial (not all devious in nature) such as:

  • Escaping awkward or pro-longed conversation
  • Saving the time of the receiving party when information is not time sensitive
  • Leaving a message at impolite hours

While the service itself is free, the user ultimately gets their just (or unjust) reward by sitting through a short ad by one of their sponsors.  You can avoid the in-call advertisement by paying $0.15 per slydial message or by subscribing to an unlimited plan.

Is slydial a product showing practical ingenuity at its finest? Will it be used for good or evil?

Only time will tell…