Mobile Future

Small Biz Unwired

It’s National Small Business Week and few industries can match wireless in creating a favorable opportunity for small business growth. In fact, if mobile app growth during the past two years shows anything, it’s that mobile OS platforms are an ideal launching pad for small businesses to compete with big-name companies.

So a tip of the hat goes to all the entrepreneurs across the country who have made the mobile web the fastest-growing medium in history. While there are too many to mention, here are a few we’ve been delighted to host at recent Mobile Future events:

LookTel pairs “artificial vision” software with your smartphone to help the 11+ million Americans who are blind or visually impaired.

• Based in Bellevue, Lagotek is a mobile software company that’s making great progress harnessing mobile technology to make our homes and lifestyles more energy efficient.

Vocel in San Diego is one of the companies on the leading edge of adapting wireless to improving healthcare. The company makes the “Pill Phone”, a mobile app that allows people to schedule audio and visual alerts reminding them to take their prescriptions. You can also cross-tab alerts to include information on dosages, side effect, and interactions with other drugs.