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Smart Temporary Tattoos: The Future of the Connected You

We love our fitness trackers, smart watches, and connected workout gear, but the question on all of our minds is: What is the next big thing in wearables? It seems like tech start-up, Chaotic Moon might have the answer.

The company is currently developing a temporary tattoo, called Tech Tat, which will be able to function like your favorite activity-tracking device but adheres to your skin.

How it works: The tattoos are made from small pieces of hardware components that are attached to your skin using a special electro conducive paint. Using a collection of biosensors to monitor health and activity statistics such as your heart rate and blood pressure— it is essentially a circuit that wears comfortably on the surface of your skin! The stats are then sent to a smartphone app to help you better instill fitness goals into your day-to-day schedule. And although the tattoos are still being tested, there may be other uses for this technology, including mobile payments, coming in the future.

With companies creating prototypes for biowearables like this, we may soon be able to run out the door without having to remember to strap on our FitBits and Apple Watches.

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