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Smartphones: A New Parent’s Best Friend

If you are a new father this Father’s Day you can probably relate to C/NET journalist, Stephen Shankland’s story. Here’s how he tackled the early days of fatherhood with smartphone in hand.

In a recent article for C/NET, journalist Stephen Shankland wrote about how smartphones are helping new parents, including himself, take care of newborn children. Shankland used his smartphone as his number one resource when home with his new baby.  Devices and apps help with everything from working from home to documenting precious moments and even pulling off successful naptimes. Many existing smartphone features allow parents to juggle the responsibilities of parental and professional life.  For example, Shankland used voice recognition software to send emails when his child literally kept his hands full.

There are a multitude of  new mobile applications focusing on creating tools to help with parenting and child development, such as new mobile app, Family Minder,  that allows parents to keep track of their child’s location on a smartphone.  It takes a village—smartphones are here to help.

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