Mobile Future

Smartphones – Accessing with Security and Ease

From buying groceries to setting up a date to creating a new small business, we use our phones for almost everything.  Consumers want easy access to their constant companion – a mobile device – each time we log on, check in, or swipe to open.  Companies like Samsung and Apple work to make it priority for users to access their mobile devices without having to compromise their security. Touch ID on the iPhone is a great example of just that.

How much easier do features like Touch ID make our lives exactly? Well, the average iPhone user unlocks his or her phone about 80 times in a single day. That translates into 6-7 times an hour or roughly once every 10 minutes. So Touch ID saves us countless precious seconds since we don’t have to type in a password. Add it all up and that is pretty fascinating! The research is comparable for Android users too, who unlock their smartphones at least 110 times a day.

We use our phones for practically everything. Accessing all of our content easier and faster, without compromising security, is just what we need. To learn more, click here.