Mobile Future

Social-Mobile Convergence

In a few weeks, I will be making a trip to Minneapolis to speak at the Free Press Annual Conference.I’ve been asked to speak about how I utilize wireless to enhance myefforts as a citizen journalist. This is a topic that is very importantto me and I’m grateful to have the opportunity.

With that inmind, I thought I would give futurists a little preview of my commentsfor the conference. The theme is Social-Mobile Convergence, a topicthat we have addressed on a few previous posts.

Onthat note, Social-Mobile convergence can be defined by the continuedinnovation and adoption of social technologies combined with theevolution of next generation wireless networks. These forces aregrowing and are peaking at the right time. More unique applicationscome to life everyday and carriers are working hard to upgrade theirnetworks so that these apps can thrive. Not to mention a generation(millennial) that outnumbers the boomers who are mobile centric andvery social. They are leading this revolution and all citizenjournalists stand to reap the benefits.

As a citizenjournalist, your wireless device can augment your storytelling likenever before. The iPhone, Blackberry Curve, Nokia N95 (Ihave two out of the three) and many other 3G devices are great tools toutilize. If you are still in analog, your basic phone can even providethe functionality for mobile blogging.

One tool that Ifrequently use to enhance my reporting is mobile video. Personal mobilebroadcasting from my wireless device has enabled me to bring readersinto a story and have them share the moment with me. For instance, onmy recent trip to New Orleans, words alone wouldn’t have delivered theemotion (I was feeling) of the Katrina devastation or the joy of beingable to give back to the communityat St. Bernard’s. In each of those instances, I wanted you to be therewith me. I wanted you to see what I was seeing. Mobile video can makethis happen.

This mobile revolution on the horizon is excitingand I look forward to learning a few things from you. Please feel freeto contact me by email – [email protected] – if I can ever be of assistance.