Mobile Future

Sound mind, sound body

We’ve written a
lot about how wireless apps are a natural ally of anyone looking to improve
healthcare while also cutting costs.  See here, here and

This week, that
promise took another step forward as heart patients gained access to an
FDA-approved cardiac monitoring system from Transoma Medical in St. Paul.  The device is implanted in the body and transmits signals about
the heart’s activity to a base station which forwards it (again, wirelessly) to
a remote system that monitors for abnormalities.  Patients feeling light-headed
can also send wireless distress

Speaking of
keeping a healthy heart, later this month Garmin unveils a watch that
not only connects wirelessly with rowing machines, treadmills, stationary bikes,
it also tracks your heart rate and calories burned.  It then sends the
information to an online account where you can keep track of your month’s

Speaking of
wireless – are you
"intexticated"?  How can you get GPS service when inside a garage?  And what
wireless operating system is U2’s Bono betting will be a big hit with smartphone

For these and 17
other cool wireless questions, click here and find out "How Well Do You Know…
the Wireless World?
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