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Startup Spotlight: Sworkit – The Personal Trainer In Your Pocket

Last month, an episode of ABC’s acclaimed reality-TV series Shark Tank featured one of Mobile Future’s very own — Nexercise. The group pitched a deal for their interactive fitness app Sworkit, which offers personalized workouts, requires no equipment, and makes it easy to get in shape. Have only 15 minutes? Want to tone a particular part of your body? Refuse to do burpees? With so many choices on the app, you won’t have an excuse not to get active.

There are over 100,000 health-related apps on the market. Why Sworkit? According to Tech Insider, a team of sports scientists analyzed the 30 most popular fitness apps and found that Sworkit was a winner when it came to finding an app aligned with the American College of Sports Medicine’s guidelines.  That means you are getting a well-rounded workout that includes a full range of exercises including stretching, strength, flexibility, and cardio. The large variety of workouts Sworkit provides make it hard to get bored, so beginners and athletes alike can enjoy the app. I personally love the “copy a popular workout” option, which is filled with tried and tested workout plans.

Sworkit left the tank with not just any deal, but one of the biggest deals in show history.  It is arguably THE biggest tech deal from the tank, thanks to Mark Cuban’s investment of $1.5 million.

Sworkit, which stands for “simply work it,” is clearly getting the job done in the world of tech. We are proud to call them a Mobile Future member. Congratulations to the entire team!