Mobile Future

Startups Tap into the Internet of Things.

According to Cisco’s tech news site The Network, more startups in a variety of different markets are utilizing IoT technology to build innovative new businesses.  Today, 328 million things digitally connect each month – and those numbers are expected to grow.  So it makes sense that innovative startups are tapping into the world of IoT.

The return for entrepreneurs incorporating the Internet of Things is huge. Successful startups just don’t simply build ideas. They solve problems. And make our lives easier. As the Internet of Things permeates every part of our day-to-day lives, tapping into this connectivity is something that every entrepreneur should consider.

As many as a quarter million IoT apps will be developed by 2020. According to Mobile Future advisor Jim Kohlenberger’s paper, “Mobilizing America,” only about 20% of our lives have been transformed by connectivity, in sectors such as finance and entertainment. That means that a remaining 80% is primed to continue the mobile revolution, touching industries such as healthcare, education, and manufacturing.

This is where the amazing hard work of tech entrepreneurs comes in. To read more about some exciting startups that are paving the way in the world of IoT, click here.