Mobile Future

State of the Wireless Space

With the continuous release of new apps and services ever-changing the mobile ecosystem, it’s important to take a step back every now and then to see what trends have taken hold and how the mobile economy has grown.  Keeping up with developments in the wireless space is no easy task, but thankfully comScore has just released the findings in their U.S. Digital Year in Review 2010, A Recap of the Year in Digital Media.

According to comScore’s recap, smartphone adoption reached new heights this past year as 1 in 4 Americans now have a smartphone and half of mobile subscribers use 3G services.  What are Americans doing on their mobile devices?  The recap found the number one mobile activity was text messaging with 68% of Americans sending text messages in the past year, while 52.4% of mobile Americans took a photo, 39.5% accessed news and information, 36.4% used the browser and 34. 4% used an application.

comScore attributes the mobile surge to a “perfect storm” of smartphone adoption, device innovations and network investment.  Best of all, the recap projects that “these factors will continue to be strong drivers of mobile media consumption in 2011.”

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