Mobile Future

Mobile Future Statement on President Obama Calling for Title II Reclassification

Today, President Obama called on the FCC to reclassify broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter responded, stating:

“It is deeply disappointing that the President is refuting decades of bipartisan, pro-consumer, pro-investment policies that have led to the dynamic communications marketplace Americans enjoy today. Mobile Future’s recent nationwide survey clearly found wireless consumers are deeply skeptical of an expanded regulatory role for government. In fact, 90% believe today’s level or less regulation would help speed the arrival of new products, apps and service choices. To reduce the Internet to the status of an analog-era, government-controlled public utility, which is precisely what the President’s plan will do – will put not only the Internet, but also consumers, and our innovation ecosystem at grave risk.  And it will send a clear message to governments around the world that it is now open season to apply their own more burdensome rules and restrictive controls over the global Internet.”

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