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Stay Active in the Office with These Apps!

Want a productivity boost at work? Recent studies show that 2.5 hours of physical activity a week during work helps employees increase work performance and decrease sick time. With these apps, you can make sure that you stay moving and that your body gets the activity that it needs during your 9 to 5.

Move- Daily Activity to Stay Healthy: This app helps remind users to do make sure they get even a little bit of exercise during their day. Users are able to pick when they do workouts and how often they do them. With everything from choosing your reminder sound to creating exercises, users are able to completely personalize this app which is great.

Stand Up! The Work Break Timer: This app serves as a reminder to users to stand up and walk around or do any activity to get the blood circulating. Simply set the timer and dates on your phone and the app will notify you when the time to stand up is and how long before your next break!

Randomly RemindMe: This app sets reminders for just about anything and everything! Whether it is taking a water break, stretching, a lunch break, or all three, this app will let users know. This app is perfect for making sure we keep our habits during our busy work days.

Stretching & Eye Exercises: Whether it is neck back, waist, shoulder, or eye exercises, and this app will remind you and give you one of their 15 exercises that will keep you refreshed all day.

Whether it’s just standing up for a few minutes or doing a set of push-ups, it’s easy to remember to stay active in the workplace with some help from your mobile device!