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Staying in touch after Hurricane Ike

Well, I didn’t think how much I would appreciate being connected to the outside world after our region was devastated by hurricane Ike. Having access to the internet has been a life saver. Not only can I keep up with safety alerts via the internet, I have been in ready contact with my extended family. Forget about "land lines". The cell sites withstood the 110 mile per hour winds. The devastation is awesome. One hundred year old oak and pine trees were uprooted and strewn about like kindling. Houston, our beautiful city looks like a war-zone. But even with the devastation we experienced, it is nothing of what happened along the coast. This area has literally been razed. Many once thriving communities are no more. With the start of the mountains of degree, the projections are that there will be a number of bodies recovered.

The one thing that really stands out is the basic human compassion of neighbors helping neighbors. With God’s help and the perseverance of our citizens, this great city will recover. May God continue to bless our great country.