Mobile Future

Tackling Climate Change One Smartphone at a Time

On December 12, the COP21 summit in Paris gathered nearly 200 governments around the world to sign a monumental climate change deal. With all the talk about clean energy and fossil fuels, smartphones are doing their part too. A recent article found that smartphones and mobile technology cut 198 tons of carbon emissions per year in the U.S. and across Europe!

The savings are due to the ubiquity of mobile technology, including connected buildings and lifestyle choices like working from home and smart heating and electricity systems.

The report also included research that identifies areas for future carbon emission reductions with the help of mobile. In example, the study found that:

■ 50% of smartphone users are willing to use their smartphone to sell, rent, and share items that they own with others
■ 55% are willing to have a device that willlower car insurance premiums if they drive in an environmentally- friendly way
■ 48% are willing to use public transport if a mobile app accurately gives them arrival and departure times

Ericsson also finds that the uptake of IoT could help reduce emissions by 15% by 2030. The future is looking bright and a whole lot greener—and it’s all because of our smartphones!

To read the full report, click here.