Mobile Innovators to Mobile Policymakers: Game On!

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the nation’s preferred on-ramp for all things Internet — including high bandwidth goodies like movies and TV shows. And mobile graphics will soon rival gaming…

Grabbing the Mobile Rings

Last winter’s Vancouver Olympics had some great moments: Lindsay Vonn and Bode Miller picking up golds. Joannie Rochette’s final. Ovechkin’s hit on Jagr. And according to a briefing this week…

Hulu’s mobile dance

So you missed last night’s episode of “Lost”?  No problem.  Pretty soon, you’ll just stream it through your mobile phone.  Read more here.

Live-tweeting PFF Spectrum Panel now

The Mobile Future Coalition is live-tweeting the Progress & Freedom Foundation’s panel, “Let’s Make a Deal: Broadcasters, Mobile Broadband, and a Market in Spectrum.” Follow along on @mobilefuture – and…

I Want My Mobile TV

Remember Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD?  How about Beta vs. VHS?  For anyone who gets frustrated when industries can’t agree on consumer product standards, this is good news: Mobile users who want…

Mobile video for your morning commute

With your mobile phone, you can take care of banking, pay for parking, board a plane and stream old Saved by the Bell episodes. (OK, three out of four ain’t…

Wireless Woodstock comes to Washington

It’s a new day and things will never again be the same. No, I’m not talking about the new Administration since others at HuffPo have already captured that moment’s magic….

The small screen gets bigger

To paraphrase a famous movie line, "Video’s still big. It’s the screen that got small." An interesting report on the continued growth of mobile video came from Nielsen this week….