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Take a Bite Out of This: Shark Week With Your Mobile Device

Did you miss Shark Week this year?  The beloved week when the Discovery Channel dedicates all of its programming to sharks happened at the end of June, allowing viewers to learn about different species and the way in which they live.

Mobile apps are a great way to continue celebrating all things ‘shark’ until next year.

Discovery Channel Shark Week: The Discovery Channel’s official app gives you access to all of the shows that were previously aired on demand right at your fingertips, from 2007 to present.

Shark Trivia: Want to keep your shark skills as sharp as A Great White shark’s teeth? Thanks to this fun app, you and your friends can have something to do during Shark Week commercials. Quiz your friends on their shark trivia by answering a variety of multiple-choice questions.

Sharktivity: This new mobile app allows users to track where sharks have been spotted, as well as submit their own sightings! Scientists will also use the app’s crucial information to help with research. The app also includes safety tips for beachgoers and even a button for users to donate money to shark research.