Mobile Future

Taking CES for an answer

We’re back from CES and as Alex Pham and Michelle Maltais write in today’s Los Angeles Times, mobile wireless technology is one of the top trends of the year.  (The others are "green" electronics, better Internet access and new ways to interact with your tech devices.)   Among the highlights we saw during our trip:  

  • Lost the owners manual for your new Ford F-150?  No prob.  Use the in-dash computer to access it wirelessly.
  • Palm’s new Pre phone and Web OS platform show that competition in the "smartphone" arena is vibrant and giving consumers more options.
  • A new generation of fast wireless chargers like the Powermat promise to free us from untangling that power cord snakepit in our desk drawer.

  After a long day at the show, these products might not have the allure of the frozen icebar at Red Square but they’re still pretty cool.