Mobile Future

Tech or Treat The Right Way This Halloween

Halloween just got a little bit sweeter – and possibly spookier – thanks to wireless technology. Check out the three best ways to incorporate mobile technology into your Halloween weekend.

ObyThing Music SmartApp: Make your haunted house the best in the neighborhood. For scary sound effects, this app lets you control music from your mobile phone. Teamed with sensors, you can set off your favorite Halloween sounds just as trick-or-treaters approach!

Phillips Control Hue Go: Check out these lights that double as excellent house decorations or can be placed into your jack o’ lantern. These lights connect wirelessly from your mobile device via the Phillips Hue app and you can easily set up timers and eerie color changes.

Treatster: You can now finally say goodbye to the trick-or-treating days of standing outside empty houses or getting candy you don’t like! This is the world’s first and only social network designed for parents to help their kids have the best trick-or-treating experience. You can now map out which neighbors are home and who has the best treats in your neighborhood.

Welcome to the future of Halloween for the “mobile” generation.