Mobile Future

Texting Dr. Smartphone

The medical world is always one to be on the cutting edge of
new technologies so it is no surprise that 64 percent of doctors nationwide are
using smartphones in their practice. 
Over time, the emblematic pager will be a thing of the past-a distant
beep dating any medical drama TV show. 

According to a recent Washington
Post article
, mobile devices are quickly becoming pivotal instruments in
doctor-patient interactions.  From
pulling up instructional diagrams to researching drug-to-drug interactions,
smartphone technology is arming doctors with vital information at their
fingertips.  This means doctors can make
smart, informed decisions instantly, with the patient by their side.   Thankfully, it also means they can show us
something to decipher often tedious medical-ese.

Jonathan Reiner, a cardiologist at George Washington
University, gives a
pretty amazing first person account of how the smartphone can make a difference
in a life and death situation:

One Saturday afternoon… Reiner was
having lunch at a deli when his BlackBerry began to beep. It was a patient’s
EKG, sent to him by an emergency room physician.  Reiner pulled up the graphic on his handheld
device and saw that the patient was on the brink of a severe heart attack.  He rushed to the hospital to perform

Real-time data can make all the difference when seconds
count.   I’d like to see a pager do that!