Mobile Future

Texting in a Winter Wonderland

Wintertime is nothing short of magical.  A fresh blanket of snow can instantly transform our immediate surroundings into a winter wonderland.  But with the snowflakes and icicles comes the somewhat daunting task of dressing for the ever-changing elements.  Perpetually adorned with a scarf, hat and gloves to keep us warm during these chilly months, most of us have experienced the obstacle of trying to use our smartphone with our gloves on- typically with no success. 

FIVEPOINT gloves has resolved this issue with their new texting gloves that keep hands warm while typing on keys and touch screens alike.  The gloves have conductive fingertips that transfer electricity from your skin to the screen, allowing us to text and tweet away even on the coldest of days.

For those who are behind in holiday shopping, they make a great gift for tech-savvy friends and family!