Mobile Future

Texting Mommies, Healthy Babies

Text4Baby— the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition’s educational program that delivers free information to pregnant women or mothers of babies less than a year old via text message– has successfully reached 135,000 women to date and has set a new goal of signing up one million women by next year.

By texting tips and reminders to mothers and mothers-to-be based on their child’s birthday or due date, Text4Baby gives women access to information on how to seek vital prenatal and postnatal care and advice during each stage of their child’s development.  As reported in the NYTimes, these tips include how to find a doctor, quit smoking and begin the breastfeeding process, in addition to regular reminders for immunization shots and doctor appointments.

Text4Baby is a great example of how mobile technology can help streamline and improve healthcare.  To signup for Text4Baby and learn more, click here.