Mobile Future

The ABC’s of Mobile Apps for Young Readers

Mobile makes learning to read a fun and easy thing for young children to do daily. The US Department of Education found that students who work on reading in their own time are likely to have higher reading scores! Here are some apps to get young students excited about literacy.

Read Me Stories: A free app that has a new book every day. Children have the option of reading the stories themselves or having the stories read to them while they easily follow along.

Tikatok StorySpark: This app helps students understand parts of a story by being their own authors. Kids write the story, illustrate the pages and then books can be “published” under a pen name and posted online!

Pocket Phonics: A great app for learning letters. Not only will children be exposed to letter names and sounds, they can also practice writing letters by tracing them on the touch screen.

Learn With Homer: This app is filled with interactive games, teaching children skills in vocabulary, spelling and fluency. Children pick from different categories including science history, nursery rhymes and songs.