Mobile Future

The Benefits of Free: With Mobile, There Are Too Many To Count

I am a millennial. The connotation isn’t always positive. In my opinion, the over-exaggerated generalizations are what gives millennials a bad rep. We are not all that people assume us to be. People say we are lazy, but we know what we want and when we want it. People say we are self-centered, but we are confident and self-expressive. People also say we aren’t as bright, but we are on track to become the most well educated generation in history.

The term millennial is used to describe people ages 18-34, but I beg to differ. Millennial is just as much a mindset as it as a demographic. We are a group of individuals that are incredible at multi-tasking, love to work hard-play hard, and are exceptionally open-minded.

We are also tech-savvy digital natives, using social media and relying on our smartphones as the remote control to life. Pew reports that millennials are more likely to own smartphones than any other generation in virtually every country in the world!

Millennials are the first generation to not know what life is like without mobile connectivity. We make up the largest share of the U.S. population and for that matter, the most racially diverse. And a new survey by CTIA released today about #FreeData reaffirms that our wants and needs as wireless consumers matter. The survey finds that 94% of millennials are extremely likely/more likely to try an online service if it is free.

Free data is good and wireless competition in the marketplace is also important to us. Millennials are very receptive to change so it’s no surprise that CTIA’s survey shows 77% of us would sign with a new wireless provider that offers us free data to watch more videos, listen to more music, and use the Internet more easily. And a similar survey from Mobile Future in late 2014 had comparable results with more than 7 in 10 wireless consumers open to business models offering free data.

Innovative offerings like free data from wireless providers are a must for the millennial consumer. As a millennial working in mobile, I don’t want policymakers to create rules and regulations without listening to what wireless consumers say we need and want. The mobile future is its brightest only when consumers are heard and understood.