Mobile Future

Bytes: The Foldable Mobile

Mobile technology is evolving at the speed of light, and every year consumers are shocked and amazed by the newest  mobile innovations hitting the market. Take last year’s waterproof feature, or the near edge-to-edge screen designs. What’s the buzz in 2017? Well, for one thing: foldable phones.

Recent reports indicate that tech giant and Mobile Future member, Samsung, could be making foldable phones as soon as this year. What is a foldable phone? Well, according to rumors and pending patents, the new devices are same size as your current mobile phone, but can be unfolded into a tablet-sized screen.  Microsoft is also interested in shaking up the mobile device game. A Microsoft engineer recently filed a patent that gives your classic mobile a hinge, so it, too, can fold out.

Even the companies that build your phone’s batteries are getting in on the action. Panasonic recently created a bendable battery. It can be bent around itself a thousand times, and still maintains 99% capability. Which means that foldable phones don’t need to worry about dealing with a rigid battery.Sounds cool, right?

Given these innovations, we are excited to see what all else is in store for mobile technology this year!