Mobile Future

The Future of Diabetes and Tech

This November is National Diabetes Month and we are taking a look at the different ways in which wireless technology is making things better for the 29.1 million people living with diabetes.

An essential part of staying healthy with diabetes is eating right. Thanks to smart home devices, diabetics can now keep closer track of their diet. Smart refrigerators, like ChillHub, allow consumers to use mobile devices to confirm the contents of their fridge and plan shopping lists. In addition, there are many apps to help those living with diabetes maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, mySugr Diabetes Logbook is a mobile diary keeping track of your blood sugar, carbs, weight, and insulin while providing analysis and motivating feedback. The Fooducate app tracks nutrition and exercise, also recommending recipes and healthy foods based on diet.

For those living with diabetes, there are also services to help keep track of a sometimes-overwhelming amount of information related to medication and health.  Insulin Angel, for example, is the world’s first medication tracker that helps you keep your medication at a safe temperature. The app enabled IoT device works to also alert you when you lose or forget your medication or vital medical supplies.

With apps and connected devices such as these, those living with diabetes can have more peace of mind when it comes to their medication and taking care of their bodies.