Mobile Future

The Internet of Things Scores Important Goals

In the World Cup’s final game, the USA’s Carli Lloyd wowed 20.3 million fans across the nation with a hat trick in the first fifteen minutes of the match.  While no one disagrees that Lloyd possesses once-in-a-generation talent, the Internet of Things is increasingly helping players and coaches train more efficiently to help make feats like Lloyd’s possible.  For example, recently profiled Adidas’s MiCoach Smart Ball, a soccer ball that contains a small computer chip that gathers detailed data on different aspects of players’ kicks.  Players and coaches receive this data on a mobile app which they can then use to analyze and perfect passes and shots.  Additionally, reported that the U.S. Women’s National Team used wearables in their run up to the World Cup to aid in physical conditioning.  Team trainers utilized the wearables to measure players’ heartrates, running distance, and the amount of time spent in “certain heartrate zones.”  These metrics, which are accessible on mobile devices, help trainers and players develop individually tailored training strategies.

Although the Internet of Things may not be able to make an amazing save or score a remarkable goal, it can help players hone their skills and maximize their physical abilities.

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