The Mobile Future and The Pentagon: Saluting Teri Takai

May 1, 2014

We learned last week that the Department of Defense’s Chief Information Officer, Teri Takai, will step down from office after four years of able service.  She will be missed.  All of us in the mobile technology community owe her a debt of gratitude for her achievements.

Teri, who had previously served as the chief technologist of my home state California,  has for much of her career been at the forefront of leveraging the best technology has to offer to benefit American citizens, our economy,  and more recently — our nation’s security.

Her tenure at the Pentagon will be remembered especially for the focus she has given to advancing the many new opportunities commercial mobile and wireless technologies and services are bringing not only to more cost-effectively meet our military’s missions and requirements,  but also to promote the health, well-being and welfare of our nations’ warriors and their families.

I have had the chance to work closely with her and her staff over the past few years to help achieve President Obama’s goals to make more of the Pentagon’s underutilized spectrum assets available for use by American consumers, schools, hospitals and businesses.  This has been a quiet, little noticed effort on her part,  but it has been supremely important to help sustain and advance America’s mobile innovation leadership.

Throughout,  Teri and her staff have shown consistent commitment in getting the job done with an open door and an open mind to the ideas we’ve offered from the mobile innovation community we at Mobile Future proudly represent.

Our nation, and our mobile future, are more secure today because of Teri Takai’s work.   Thank you, Teri.  All of us wish you the very best in the future.