Mobile Future

The Mobile Future Gains Momentum

From rising tablet and smartphone adoption rates to faster network speeds to increasing mobile subscriptions around the world, mobile innovation continues to expand on an unprecedented trajectory. Several recent reports document this growth.  Among the key takeaways:

  • Android takes lead in U.S. smartphone race.  comScore’s U.S. Digital Future in Focus report highlights the rapid adoption of wireless devices in the U.S.  Among the report’s main findings: There are now 58 million tablets in use and half of all smartphone users are on the Android platform.
  • 4G LTE speeds accelerate.  The U.S. leads the world in 4G infrastructure and option.  No surprise then that FierceWireless is reporting robust LTE speeds for American wireless users.  The data comes from OpenSignal, which also underscored the importance of continued wireless infrastructure investment in countries that face “the difficulty of rolling-out LTE over a larger geographic area.”  Fortunately, average U.S. wireless network investment over the pats 10 years has stood at $23 billion annually.
  •  Mobile data traffic doubles globally.  The recently released Ericsson Mobility Report Interim Update highlights mobile’s continued growth around the world. The report notes 140 million new mobile subscriptions in Q4 of last year, bringing the global total to 6.3 billion mobile citizens of the world.  Specifically, the report found global mobile data traffic doubled in the past year alone.