Mobile Future

The Powerful Effects of Mobile for Children With Autism

328 million things are connecting to the Internet each month, and with that we are seeing a rise in the number of connected devices there are that make the lives of those that are specially-abled better, in particular for those that have autism. One in every 68 children in the United States has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which means that it is incredibly important for the benefits of mobile technology to be easily available to them.

Tracking devices are now easing the minds of parents who have autistic children. Unfortunately, many autistic children innocently wander away from their homes, but thanks to mobile apps and wearables, we can help easily locate children if they are missing. In addition, research with Google Glass has been showing great progress in helping autistic children recognize and identify emotions.

Smartphone and tablet touch screens bring a lot of benefits for autistic individuals as well. The screen can eliminate difficulties that a child with autism might have in understanding the connection of a mouse and cursor or using a keyboard. Practicing writing on a screen is increasingly helping autistic children excel in school.

Smartphones and tablets also have several apps for autistic children such as Too Noisy, which helps individuals know if their talking voice is too loud, and First-Then visual schedule which shares pictures to help children get through their daily routines in a structured way.