Mobile Future

The 22.7 percent solution

America’s love affair with wireless continues.  Federal figures released this week show that during the first half of 2009, more than one of every five U.S. homes (22.7%) had no landline and only wireless phone service.  This compares with 20.2 percent during the second half of 2008, reports the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Yet the real measure of wireless’ success isn’t measured in households, but in remarkable innovations that are suddenly on the verge of reality thanks to wireless.  Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show showcased a number of wireless advances.  Coincidentally, Rex Crum has a spot-on article in today’s Wall Street Journal about how wireless advances and new apps may finally mean that consumers will have a user-friendly tablet computer:

“Analysts say that while it is too early to tell how much traction tablets will gain among potential buyers, the state of technology is such that there might finally be the right mix of applications, hardware and mobility available to make tablet PCs more than just a niche device in a market already crowded with gadgets….”

 As Crum notes, “The growth of wireless networking and Wi-Fi technology, along with easy access to digital content… are seen as reasons why [computer makers] used CES as a platform for unveiling their latest tablet PC efforts.”
Stay tuned as a company in Cupertino, CA is supposedly announcing its wireless tablet later this month.