Mobile Future

The Day Social Media Died

morning started out like every other weekday morning.  Big cup of coffee,
BlackBerry blinking, and reading the latest from my favorite tech blogs. 
However, something wasn’t quite right.  Something was missing — my communities
on Facebook and Twitter!  

As many
social media enthusiasts know, Facebook and Twitter
were hit
  with denial of service attacks yesterday.  In Twitter’s case, the
website was down and millions of people were unable to communicate.  Some folks
might be scratching their heads thinking this is irrelevant.  However, Twitter
is now THE network. 
Like millions of others, I rely on an awesome community of users to stay plugged
into mobile, marketing, technology, and policy.  

Two years
ago many would question the relevance of using the mobile internet to "tweet." 
In fact, many in this industry laughed at me when I was twittering over two
years ago.  I knew then what now is evident to millions around the world: our
mobile and online spaces are intertwined.

networking is a primary driver for the mobile internet.  We want to know where
our friends are and what’s on their minds at all times.  The mobile platform
provides this information and allows us to be "in the know."  Comscore’s Mark
Donovan, in
a recent study
earlier this year hammered that point home stating "over the
course of the past year, we have seen use of mobile Internet evolve from an
occasional activity to being a daily part of people’s lives" and that "social
networking and blogging have emerged as very popular daily uses of the mobile

writer Josh Steinberg
recently pondered – "are Twitter and other social
networks destined to niche status or are they so embedded in our lives that they
are now an indespensible part of society?"  The answer is obvious and yesterday
proved it.