Mobile Future

The FCC Looks Forward on Spectrum

Anyone concerned with the looming data traffic jam on our wireless networks should check out FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s op-ed in today’s WashPo. He writes:

“Put simply, we have no choice but to make more spectrum available for mobile broadband and to find new ways to use spectrum more efficiently. [As a result of previous FCC action in freeing up spectrum,] the United States will be the first nation to deploy this Super WiFi technology. Analysts estimate that we will benefit from billions of dollars in new private investment and accompanying job creation. We will also be exporting our technology products to other countries, not the other way around.”

We’ve written about the problems and opportunities with wireless spectrum before and agree completely with the Chairman’s view of the stakes involved. The FCC deserves great credit for continuing to focus on this issue. Given the economic vibrancy of the wireless industry, this is an Administration initiative that must succeed.