Mobile Future

The Mobile Mouse

The Walt Disney Corporation has come a long way since audiences first saw Steamboat Willie in command of his river-boat vessel.  These days the company behind heartwarming, animated classics is forging ahead into the mobile revolution.  Piggy-backing off success of the latest release in the Toy Story franchise, the Toy Story 3 application was downloaded 1.7 million times in its first month (box-office projections foresee over $900 million in revenue for Toy Story 3, the film).


In addition to creating its own content, Disney has also moved into the mobile acquisition market with its recent purchase of Tapulous, the developing engine behind the successful iPhone series Tap Tap Revenge.  With almost $1 million in monthly sales, it’s easy to understand why 30% of iPhone and iPod touch users have downloaded the musical game since its release in 2008.


With new content being developed for the iPad, it is clear that Disney intends to stay relevant as technological advances bring more media into the mobile space. The mobile future looks bright for Disney and its future generations of captivated audiences.