Mobile Future

The Most Used Appliance in my House: My Cell Phone

We are a three person home (two adults, one teenager). We have three laptops, two ipod touches, several wireline phones, DSL, two cable-tvs, multiple cd players, Wii, PS-2, you name it. So what’s the most used appliance by all 3 of us? Our cell phones.

Some of you might be thinking that "appliance" is better used to describe the refrigerator, the stove or even the washing machine. When you think about it, all these devices were at one time new technologies that were considered luxuries when first introduced, but they made life so much better they are now indispensable to modern life – you simply can’t imagine living without them. No one is going to use a wash board or cook over a campfire in the back yard. Heck, I’m not even allowed near a campfire without protective gear.

What does this have to do with my cell phone? When cell phones were first introduced, no one expected they would be adopted at such a rapid pace. They were considered luxury goods or supplements to what was the indispensable wireline phone. Now, my husband, daughter, and I all travel, work, play, and ski with our cell phones. Our move to Montana six years ago was, in large measure, a reflection of our belief that we could "drop out" of urban America and continue to earn a living and stay in touch with our loved ones – thanks to our cell phones! And, we’ve been right. From my 82 year old mother-in-law to all our East Coast based colleagues, we stay connected via texts, calls, and e-mails. In many ways, we are better connected today than we were 6 years ago when we all lived nearby.

Now, whether we are working, or skiing, or simply figuring out what time to pick up our daughter at volleyball practice, we simply couldn’t do it without our cell phones. Take my microwave or dishwasher, I recently even gave up my laptop for repair for a week – all ok. But, lose my cell phone and my family and my business become hopelessly lost.

So, you see that not only are our wireless phones our most used device, but they are an appliance that we simply could not live without.