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The perils of texting on the go

You fasten a seatbelt while driving a car and you wear a helmet while riding a biking, but what are you doing to protect yourself while texting on the go?

Citing a rise in texting related accidents, the American College of Emergency Physicians has warned the public to pay more attention to what is going on around them while on the move.

Although texting while driving is definitely a bad idea, not to mention, illegal in some states, texting while walking has proven to be a safety hazard as well.

Dr. James Adams, the department chair of emergency medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, says, "People are texting and they trip and fall on their faces – usually people in their 20s. We see a lot of face, chin, mouth [and] eye injuries from falls."

Recently, the media picked up on a small "misstep" for Barack Obama’s advisor, Valerie Jarrett, who twisted her ankle when she encountered an unsuspecting curb with her head buried into her Blackberry.

Even more serious, in two unrelated incidents, California pedestrians were killed by motorists when they inadvertently stepped into the way of traffic while busy texting away on their cell phones.

According to the wireless association, CTIA, an impressive 363 billion text messages were sent in the United States last year. As more people take up texting, hopefully they will head the physicians’ warning.

But, if you aren’t willing to give up texting on-the-go, and you’re not living in London, where they have started to campaign for padded lampposts, you may want to pick up a helmet and maybe even some knee pads and elbow pads.

Better safe than sorry.