Mobile Future

The Real Star at CTIA

It’s only Day One of CTIA and judging by the buzz, there’s already a clear highlight.  As CNet’s Marguerite Reardon and Tom Krazit put it, "While there will be some cell phones announced at this year’s show, most of the excitement will center on software applications and the virtual storefronts that are popping up to distribute these new applications."

Over at the Globe and Mail, Matt Hartley puts it even more succinctly:

Although there have been thousands of applications developed for BlackBerrys and other mobile devices in the past, it wasn’t until the [Apple] App Store came along that technology companies saw the importance of creating a central database and storefront to simplify the process for consumers.  Now, smart phone makers [and] mobile operating system vendors… are locked into a race to bring their own competing marketplaces to consumers.

So stay tuned because we’ll be previewing the coolest apps shortly.