Mobile Future

The Road Ahead - CTIA IT & Entertainment Show!

It is hard to believe but another CTIA IT & Entertainment Show is on the horizon!  This year’s show looks to explore "Mobile Business" and how wireless is transforming the world.  I’m personally looking forward to hearing FCC Chairman Genachowski’s keynote speech on Wednesday and participating in CTIA’s Social Networking panel later that day.  

With regard to Chairman Genachowski’s speech, this will be his first big industry keynote and it comes a few weeks before he plans to introduce a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on Open Internet Regulations which would affect the wireless industry.  Mobile Future Chairman Jonathan Spalter provided his thoughts on the potential regulations last week.  Accordingly, it will be interesting to see if he adds any new insights or perspectives before the October FCC Open Meeting on October 22.

As futurists know, I’m a big believer in the power of social networks and how they have changed the communications landscape forever.  With that in mind, our panel will further focus on this topic and whether Social Networking is just "entertainment" or an "essential" service for consumers and businesses.

Hope to see YOU in SD and please swing by the Mobile Future booth (#218) near the Developer’s Pavilion!