Mobile Future

Thumbs to receive much-needed rest

Whether you use your mobile device to work, play, or a little (or a lot) of both, you are undoubtedly one of millions who has taken to tapping and typing away on your phone to communicate. Well users, before you get too comfortable with your tap-to-type lifestyle, check out this YouTube of Swype, a new way to craft messages on touch screen phones. The technology is the brainchild of research scientist Randy Marsden and inventor Cliff Kushler (Kushler is the same man who revolutionized our last century lives with T9), and is already available on seven smartphones across the US and through all major wireless carriers.

With Swype, users no longer type a word letter by letter, but rather slide a finger across the screen’s keyboard to spell words, thereby slashing their overall text-time from 20 to 30 percent. For a more detailed look at Swype, visit Jenna Wortham’s article in Sunday’s New York Times, or just head directly to the official website.