Mobile Future

Ticket to Ride

First, the good news: Britney is on tour again.

Now the better news: Starting this month, mobile users can buy tickets to Britney’s shows, other concerts and even Major League Baseball directly from their mobile phones.

Today’s announcement from Ticketmaster and shows that paper sporting and concert tickets are quickly going the way of the paper airline ticket.  Ticketmaster already sells 72 percent of its tickets online so this transition is long overdue.  Meanwhile as The Wall Street Journal notes about baseball sales:

"Baseball fans are increasingly using mobile phones to check game scores, and asking that tickets be sent as barcodes to their mobile phones. sold 32 million tickets last year. Noah Garden, an executive vice president at, said he expects mobile ticketing to account for 20% to 40% of the total in 2011."

For mobile users, the real benefit may be access to last-minute ticket discounts.  The "always on" mobile platform gives promoters a better, more efficient way to sell unused tickets a few hours before an event.