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Today in Telemedicine: How Your Zip Code Determines Your Health

In a recent article published by the HealthAffairs Blog, authors share the eye-opening fact that someone’s zip code is the strongest indicator of their health, even more so than race or genetics.  Where you live may bring barriers to healthcare that others in different parts of the country do not face.  However, wireless technology now allows citizens across the nation to look up health information and talk with doctors using mobile apps – giving everyone the ability to take care of themselves and loved ones.  With the help of mobile innovations in telehealth, Americans today do not need to let their zip code dictate their access to health care and ability to look up viable health information.  84 percent of low-income adults having access to a mobile device today and mobile technology can improve the quality of life for many.  In fact, data shows that 62% – almost 2/3 of smartphone owners – use a mobile device to look up important health information.

Those living in diverse communities across the nation can utilize great nutrition apps and services that help integrate healthy behaviors into your daily routine. For instance, Zuum, which was developed by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, allows you to assess your disease risk and take steps to boost your health. Smartphones now have the ability to monitor health-related data such as your heart rate when you are at the gym and how many steps you have walked in a given day using sensors embedded in your device.  As mobile innovation continues to revolutionize our way of life, it is clear that telemedicine is invaluable to helping communities across the U.S. stay healthy.