Mobile Future

Too Cold? Too Hot? Your Mobile Device Will Make it Just Right

A new app called Comfy is creating a lot of buzz after raising $12 million in Series B funding. Its sell? Say goodbye to office battles over temperature. The app lets employees change the temperature in their individual zones to suit their preferences.

The app joins a variety of other companies like SCIEnergy, BuildingIQ, United Technologies working on innovative technologies to make employees happier and more productive. Comfy takes into consideration every employees temperature preferences and doesn’t just rely on overall office usage data. Employees can use the app on mobile devices to request warm or cool air in a zone that is specific to where they work.

The app is also working to figure out a way for an employee’s preferred temperature and lighting preferences to follow them throughout the day, beyond just their cubicle, and be turned off automatically when they leave!

Apps like these showcase mobile innovation as its best. Not only does this app make for a better workplace environment, it also reduces energy costs on office air conditioning! Looking ahead, we hope to see more connected devices and IoT products that help save energy too.

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